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Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag


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1 x Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag
5 x Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag
10 x Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag
15 x Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag
20 x Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag
25 x Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag
30 x Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag
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Elevate your heating experience with our softwood logs mini bulk bag from Kiln Dried Logs the area’s leading firewood and bulk log supplier. Each bag contains an assortment of top-quality softwoods such as Larch & Spruce, offering an unrivalled burn quality and high heat output. With a low moisture content of below 20% thanks to our careful drying processes, these logs light up easily and burn efficiently. The convenient barrow bag packaging ensures easy handling and storage. Plus, enjoy discounts when you buy more than one bag.

  • High-Quality Softwoods: Softwood logs in our mini bulk bags are a blend of premium species including Larch & Spruce. These softwood are renowned for their excellent burning properties and high heat output.
  • Low Moisture Content: Our meticulous kiln-drying process reduces the moisture content to below 20%. This ensures easy ignition and efficient, clean burning for a warmer home.
  • Environmentally Friendly: We’re committed to sustainability. Our softwood are sourced responsibly, and the kiln-drying process is powered by renewable biomass energy.
  • Convenient Packaging: The mini bulk bag, with dimensions of 90x45x45cm and approximate softwood weight of 75kg, is designed for easy handling and storage. It’s a practical solution for keeping a ready supply of high-quality wood fuel.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you have a stove, wood-burner, or an open fire, our softwood logs are an ideal choice. Plus, save £5 on every additional bag you purchase!


    Access To Property

    Deliveries are limited to kerbside service only. Whether the delivery can be made onto the property is up to the discretion of the hauling company.

    For standard deliveries, an 18-tonne vehicle with dimensions of 2.8m wide x 4m high x 11m long (including the tail lift) is used. If feasible and as determined by the hauling company, the delivery onto the property will be carried out using a pallet pump truck.

    Restricted Access

    Restricted access vehicles are specifically intended for kerbside delivery and are not authorized to enter the property. Please note that in some cases, a 12-tonne vehicle may be utilized based on availability. Kindly select the restricted access option on the checkout form only when it is absolutely necessary. The delivery depot reserves the right to assess the road access to the kerbside of the property and assign an appropriate vehicle accordingly.

    The vehicles employed have “curtain sides” that can be damaged by trees and shrubs encroaching on the sides. Please be mindful of overhanging branches when considering restricted access.

    Restricted Access Vehicle Load

    Kindly be aware that the restricted access vehicle has a maximum delivery capacity of 780KG. For larger orders, they will be dispatched using an 18-tonne vehicle.

    The dimensions of the restricted access vehicle are approximately 2.8m wide x 3.4m high x 7.5m length (9.3m with tail lift), similar in size to a refuse vehicle with a crusher.


    Every vehicle needs a flat surface for unloading, with all wheels positioned evenly to operate the tail lift.

    The pallet pump truck, equipped with tiny wheels, is unable to maneuver on such surfaces as the wheels become stuck when sinking into soft ground.

    Controlling the pallet truck on slopes is challenging due to the weight of the pallet. It is virtually impossible for a single individual to push nearly one tonne up even a slight incline.


    • No Grass
    • No Slopes
    • No Gravel
    • No Lips

    Redelivery & Cancellations

    Please ensure that you provide a phone number that can be reached during deliveries. Failure to establish contact with customers may result in the pallet being returned to the depot.

    Kindly note that an additional redelivery charge of £20+VAT per pallet will be applied for each subsequent delivery attempt if there is no one available to receive the delivery or if it cannot be safely left at the location. It is your responsibility to ensure that the delivery point adheres to the specified instructions. If you have any uncertainties, please contact us for clarification.

    In the event that your order needs to be returned or cancelled, please be advised that a charge of £60+VAT per pallet may be applicable.

    Delivery Options

    Standard Delivery

    These deliveries should arrive within 4 working days. This may extend to 5 working days in busy periods.

    Premium Delivery

    Provided customers order prior to 12 noon on a working day delivery will occur on the next working day. This service is subject to an additional fee calculated on checkout

    Timed Delivery

    8am – 12 noon
    or 12 noon – 4pm

    Peak Periods

    Christmas orders must be submitted 1 week prior to 21st Dec.

    Parcel Deliveries

    Not Currently Applicable – Coming Soon!



    We offer free local delivery for all orders over £100. Within a 15 mile radius of Halifax West Yorkshire. Simply enter your postcode at checkout and receive free delivery - don't worry if you're not local though, we charge a reasonable amount for Nationwide Delivery.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are kiln dried logs?

    Kiln dried logs are firewood that have been dried in a kiln to reduce their moisture content to a level that makes them ideal for burning in stoves, fireplaces, and outdoor fire pits.

    How are kiln dried logs different from other firewood?

    Kiln dried logs have a moisture content of less than 20%, which makes them burn more cleanly and efficiently than other types of firewood. They produce less smoke and produce more heat, which makes them a more eco-friendly option.

    Are your logs sustainably sourced?

    Yes, all of our logs are sourced from sustainable forests that are managed with environmental responsibility in mind.

    How long do kiln dried logs last?

    Kiln dried logs can last for several years when stored correctly. They should be kept in a dry, well-ventilated area, away from moisture and humidity.

    Can I use kiln dried logs in an outdoor fire pit?

    Absolutely, kiln dried logs are perfect for outdoor fire pits, as they produce less smoke and more heat than other types of firewood.

    Do you offer log delivery?

    Yes, we offer nationwide delivery of our kiln dried logs, so you can get the firewood you need delivered straight to your door.

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    Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag

    Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag

    1 x Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag
    5 x Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag
    10 x Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag
    15 x Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag
    20 x Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag
    25 x Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag
    30 x Softwood Wheel Barrow Bag